How much does it cost?

Tuition is pro-rated from the 

date your dancer(s) start attending.  

There is a registration fee due as well.       

Tuition information can be found under the 

sub titile "Registration Info"

Can I drop or change class(es) during the school year?

In an effort to continue providing the highest quality to Guibord's students we recommend you complete the class(es) in that session. 

After the first month no refunds will be issued but you can switch classes by       

talking with your instructor first.

May I start classes at any time?

  Yes. Your tuition is prorated 

from the month you start 

(not by the remaining number of classes).  

Bare in mind that the date you start may affect your eligibility to take a ballet exam   

How many classes should a student take?

Guibord's is sensitive to the fact that students take dance for a variety of reasons.   For example, some students attend one class per week to improve their gymnastic skills while others 

aspire to dance professionally

attending several classes per week.          
The dance curriculum can be found at 

           class schedule  a separate page.

What is Character Dance?

Character Dance provides a wonderful opportunity for students to learn a 

variety of basic movements and  rhythms 

from around the world
as well as providing experience in group work and co-operation with other dancers.      It has excellent benefits socially as well as for theater and performing.

What are ballet examinations?

Cecchetti exams are available each year though a student does not always take an exam each year. They are geared for individual growth beginning at the Primary level with completion at the Advanced level which would enable a dancer to start the audition process into a ballet company. Determining whether your dancer will do an exam on a given year is related to how many classes they took starting in September. The final decision of examination eligibility is at 

the discretion of the teacher.