Ballet Exams Were Held at Guibords!!!!

On Saturday April 28th

Levels Primary thru Grade 8 

Awarded Pass thru Honors. Fantastic Dancers!!!

No upcoming events.

Young Children's Classes

Moving Tots

Ages 18 months to 3 years old.   

Fall & Winter Sessions are completed

Next Session Fall 2018!  See you then...
Mondays 5:30-6:15pm 

Kinder Ballet Ages 3 to 5 years. Preschoolers

 Ballet & Gym

 Mondays 10:30-11:15am  


Ballet & Tap

4:30-5:00pm Pre-Ballet section of class  
5:00-5:30pm Tap section of class 

Ballet & Gym or Music

Fridays 4:30-5:30pm 


Ages 5 to 7 years  
5:30-6:00pm. Pre-Ballet section of class    
6:00-6:30pm. Tap section of class 


Ages 6 to 8 years  Thursday’s  
5:00-5:30pm. Tap        Offered as a separate class from ballet)   
5:30-6:30pm. Ballet    (First level to prepare for a ballet exam) 

School Aged Children's Classes

Standard 1

Ages 7-10 years   
Monday’s  4:30-5:30pm Ballet 

Grade 1

Ages 8-12 years      Recommended 2 classes per week
Ballet & Tap or Ballet & Modern
Tuesday’s  4:30-5:30pm Ballet    
Tuesday’s  5:30-6:00pm Tap  (Grades 1,  2, & 3 Ballet level students)  
Friday’s      5:30-6:30pm Children’s Modern    

Grade 2

Ages 8-12 years.    

Tuesday’s      4:30-5:30pm     Ballet      

                       5:30-6:00pm.   Tap  

Wednesday’s 5:00-6:00pm    Ballet  

Friday’s          5:30-6:30pm    Modern      

Grade 3

Ages 8-15 years
Tuesday’s        4:30-5:30pm Ballet  

                         5:30-6:00pm Tap
Wednesday’s   5:00-6:00pm Ballet Pre-Pointe included  
Friday’s            5:30-6:30pm Modern 

Grade 4

Wednesdays  5:30-6:00pm Tap

                        6:00-7:15pm Ballet  Pre-Pointe/Pointe included   

Thursday’s     6:30-7:45pm Ballet  Pre-Pointe/Pointe included  
Friday’s          6:30-8:00pm Modern/Movement studies

                        (Class placement by instructor)

 Fridays          6:00-6:30pmm

1 Cecchetti Class per month until ballet exams

March 16th

Grade 5

Tuesday’s        6:00-7:30pm Ballet Pointe included  
Wednesday’s  5:30-6:00pm Tap

                        6:00-7:30pm Ballet Pointe included  

Friday’s           6:30-8:00pm Modern / Choreographic studies 

1 Cecchetti Class per month until ballet exams

March 23rd   6:00-6:30pm

Ballet Classes

Grade 8/Majors

All classes include pointe work  
                      5:30-7:00pm when Moving Tots is not held   
                     6:30-8:00pm when Moving Tots is held  
Tuesday’s     6:00-7:30pm  
Thursday’s   6:00-6:30pm Tap

Friday’s        6:30-8:00pm  Modern/Choreographic studies 

Adult Ballet Barre & Modern Center Movement

Fisrt Class...Open House...Free!!

Starts Saturday   Oct 14th  1:30-2:20pm

Dress comfortable to move

If you do not have ballet slippers wear socks

After the Open House tuition is...

$15.00 per class

$10.00 per class for college students currently enrolled

Tap and Modern Classes



                 5:30-6:30pm   Children's Modern
                6:30-8:00pm   Ages 12+ Modern/Choreographic studies

Styles or Techniques instructors teach: Graham/Horton/Cunningham/Taylor/Limon 

Tap Class


                   5:30-6:00pm   Ballet Grades 1, 2, & 3

                   6:00-6:30pm    Pre-Primary


                   5:00-5:30pm   Kinder

                   5:30-6:00pm   Ballet Grades 4 & 5


                   5:00-5:30pm   Primary

                   5:30-6:00pm   Teens

                   6:00-6:30pm   Ballet Grade 8