Moving Tots w/Parent(s) for ages 18 months - 3 years

A 45 minute class introducing appropriate movement for the age.
Use of parachutes, balls, ribbons, tunnels, 

hoops, will be incorporated as  well as                 "gym" time or "musical activities."

Instruments introduced are tamborines, bells, drums, trumpets, sand blocks, & shakers!

Ballet .. The Cecchetti Method

 The Cecchetti Method is pure
in its style and places great importance on line. 
Enrico Cecchetti composed nearly forty  adages to develop balance and poise in every possible position.  His eight "port de bras", which develop how we move our arms and upper body are known to be unsurpassed.  "The prime purpose of this training is that the student shall not learn to dance by trying to imitate movements but shall learn to dance by studying and mastering the basic principles which govern the art; to grow and develop from within and to become                completely self reliant."    

(excerpted from Cyril Beaumont).      

Modern Dance

This training provides students the opportunity to be exposed to 

several different styles of Modern Dance, including Horton, Limon, Graham, Taylor.  

Dancers will be led through 

warm-up, stretch, center-floor, combinations, 

and movement on the diagonal.

Tap Classes

Taught as a separate class after the 

Pre-Primary level of ballet classes.

Wonderful rhythms...a trusted part of a students dance training!

Guest Master Instructors

Guibord's is very excited each year to offer guest instructors. We encourage your dancer to participate in these classes 

when offered.
June 2017 we hosted
Rebecca Kelly for a 

choreography workshop

 Ask about this 

June 2018

workshop #2

Kinder Ballet 3-5 years

     A 45 minute ballet class introducing 

pre-ballet and movement concepts 

with gym, tap, or musical activities.   

Diifferent days/times
to choose from!

Pre-Primary Ballet 5-7 years

Next progression after Kinder Ballet

1 hour class of pre-ballet and tap 

Primary Ballet 6-8 years

We continue to develop the basic elements of movement, refine the eight locomotion movements, increase the understanding of space, and of working with partners or groups. First level to take ballet exams.

Grades & Majors Ballet

The syllabus is divided into many steps. From Grade 1 we learn the basics of all ballet which continues to blossom through many years of study.  Recommended two to four classes per week.  Additional classes in Character,
Modern dance and/or Tap are
encouraged at these levels. 


Class work in soft slippers or pre-pointe shoes will increase ankle strength, helps to acquire the knowledge neccessary for pointe work, and when wearing the 

pre-pointe shoe the student gets
used to the feel of  pointe shoes.


  A student is eligible for Pointe work at the age of eleven or twelve. A student must attend three classes or more per week to participate.  This policy is for the welfare of the dancer. Permanent harm can be done if Pointe work is not taught in the proper manner. A mandatory three or more classes per week is standard at any professional school! 


 At your request!    

$35.00 per hour